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Bachata Dominican Intermediate

Learn to control your feet when the music is fast, get to know the importance of pressure and tension, learn to differentiate between the two.

Feel the rhythm of traditional bachata and discover how to isolate your body. Master your basic steps, put them on music and make your dance more fluent. Longer figures and leading/following techniques that will prepare you for the social dance floor, teachers will answer all your questions and help overcome difficulties. Even if you lack the confidence to come to the parties after your first months of dancing, this course will help you to gain it. For leaders and followers, learn to style your moves and give some personal touch to the figures. Remember, mastering your leading and following techniques is just as important as steps.

The traditional style – Dominican Bachata – is retro, and as you know, the time comes when retro is fashionable again. In recent years, the Bachata community has become more prevalent, returning to the basics, the Bachata roots, and paying Dominicana his deserved attention. As the name suggests, Dominican Bachata comes from the Dominican Republic. Dancers who created the style with square basic steps, jumping movements, and syncopations. A Bachata band usually consists of at least 5 instruments: Requinto (lead guitar), Segunda (rhythm guitar), bass guitar, bongos and guitar. Fast sharp beats also mean fast movements, steps on the spot, many hip movements and footwork that looks extremely simple…. until you try it. Ready to take the challenge and master Dominicans?

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The duration of the Bachata Dominican intermediate courses is 3 months. You can start any week after prior registration:

Mo | 21:00 – 22:00

Course Content

Dominican basic box

Steps vs. hip movements

Arm tension and Dominican frame

Complex footwork

Musicality and rhythm

Body isolation

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