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Bachata Sensual Intermediate

Learn the techniques of leading different types of waves, discover the flexibility of your body and start with easy head roles put the learned figures into a song. Master your basic steps, put them on music and make your dance more fluent.

Longer figures and leading/following techniques that will prepare you for the social dance floor, teachers will answer all your questions and help overcome difficulties. Even if you lack the confidence to come to the parties after your first months of dancing, this course will help you to gain it. For leaders and followers, learn to style your moves and give some personal touch to the figures. Remember, mastering your leading and following techniques is just as important as steps.

Sensual Bachata is the youngest dance style taught at our school and originated in Cadiz, Spain, by a famous dance couple Korke and Judith. It appeared as a kind of Bachata basics and Zouk figures. The Brazilian Zouk brought waves into Bachata, making them softer and thus more popular, especially among followers. Remixes and famous melodic Bachata songs quickly replaced the harsh traditional sounds. Sensual Bachata also borrowed some traits from the Kizomba, contemporary and even hip-hop. The creators of the sensual Bachata style now travel the world and teach their invention at festivals. Learn the romantic Bachata full of feelings, emotions, and passion! Very soon you will also be able to dance with them.

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The duration of the Bachata Sensual intermediate courses is 3 months. You can start any week after prior registration:

We | 20:00 – 21:00
Th | 19:00 – 20:00

Course Content

Leading frame in closed and open positions

Different types of waves, tips for leaders and followers

Body isolation


Head rolls


Easy tricks and dips

Further course proposals

  • Learn more about total leading and following in musicality. Know all the information and get all the practice necessary. Body isolation perfection. Feel the music.

  • You will learn to combine different elements to create your own style. Play with the figures and express yourself on the dance floor!

  • You will learn basic steps, turns and leading techniques combined into easy figures for Salsa LA.