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Frequently Asked Questions


When can I join beginner course?

At the beginning of each month, we start new beginner courses. Just pick the one that suits you from our plan and don’t forget to register on our website.

Can I join a beginner course that have already started?

Yes. But we advise you to consider that if you missed previous classes you can’t get the information from those classes again.

I have already danced before. How can decide which class fits my level?

You can send us an EMail explaining how much experience you have we can advise you what would be the best option for you. But remember we cannot guarantee that this information is accurate as some people are faster learners than others.

What is the difference between beginner courses starting on different days?

None. All of our courses give the same important content.

When is the next intermediate course starting?

On our schedule and courses, you can see when each course starts. If you have any questions you can write us an e-mail.

How long is the intermediate/advanced course?

The intermediate course program repeats itself every 3 months. There is no beginning date for the intermediate courses. So if you, for example, start the intermediate course in the second month you will still learn the full program as you will learn the second month, the third month and at the end the first month, in total the 3 months program. Additional information: you can do the intermediate course twice as we never repeat the same figures but only the concepts, so you will always learn something new.

The advanced course has no end. When a dancer is in the advanced level she/he will continually learn and improve.

Can I come alone without a dancing partner?

 Yes. We are inviting women and men to help with our courses in order to balance the pairs. This is why is important that everyone registers on our website.

I missed some classes. Can I recover the missed classes later?

Yes, but you have to tell us by e-mail. This mail must reach us by 2 pm on the same day of the course at the latest.

Is it possible to come and to try before I buy the month course?

Yes. The try hour cost 15€. We have no free try classes (Probestunde) in our school.

Can I upgrade? (e.g. from one course to two, or from two to All you can dance)

Yes. In special cases, you need to as via e-mail. As soon as you receive a confirmation from us you can upgrade, and make the payment of the difference.


Do I need to register every time I come to a class?

For the following type of payments you need to register each time you come, before 2 pm on the same day of the course(for the kizomba Sunday courses until 11 am):
All you can dance, 10er Karte, “G. Gutschein” voucher, Single lesson (try class 15€), USC, Gympass.

For the following types of payments, you only need to register once correctly with your payment type:
1 or 2 months 1, 2 or 3 courses, IFM, Internations.

How to create an account at DanceWithGeorge to register for courses?

In this video we’ll explain how to create a login account to join our courses via our registration page.

How to register to and unsubscribe from a course at DanceWithGeorge?

In this video we explain how to register and unsubscribe for a course.

Can I register per e-mail?

No. Only by using our registration system. In case you have any trouble with the system, you can then write us an e-mail.


If I paid for a course and I don't like it, can I get my money back?


Can I pay cash?

No. All the payments have to be made via transfer before coming to the course. If you made the transfer the same day of the course you can print the transfer receipt or show it to the teacher on your phone.

If I buy a course and I injure myself and can't come for a long period of time, do I lose my money?

No. Send us an email and inform us about your situation, depending on how long your recovery takes we can freeze your payment so you can continue with the payment as soon as you are well.

Single Lesson

Can a try a class for free before deciding if I want to continue or not?

We don’t have free trial classes (Probestunde). But you can pay only 15€ for 1 hour of class without any commitments. You will need to register for the trial class on our registration system.

Small & Large Course

If I buy for 1 month one, two or three courses do I have to register each time I come?

No. If you did the registration correctly the system will recognize your payment “voucher” and register you automatically for the selected courses until your payments are expired.

10ner Karte

If I buy a 10er Karte do I need to register every time I come?


For how long is the 10er Karte valid?

6 months from the moment of purchase. You can use the 10 hours in the next 6 months.

Can another person come with my 10er Karte?


All You Can Dance

Until when I have AYCD if I buy one month?

Until the same date of the next month.

“Gutschein” Voucher

How should I proceed after buying a “G. Gutschein” voucher?

Step 1-Send us the voucher per Email so we can validate it, together with your full name. Step 2-Register on our DanceWithGeorge website for your first class selecting the “G. Gutschein” voucher.

Can I use my “G. Gutschein” voucher for any courses?

No. Only for the classes that you bought. If you have a salsa bachata “G. Gutschein” voucher you can’t use it, for example, for kizomba.

How many hours can I use with a 2-months “Gutschein” voucher, and how many with a 3-months “G. Gutschein” voucher?

With a 2 months “G. Gutschein” voucher you can use 8 hours, and with a 3-months “G. Gutschein” 12 hours. IMPORTANT the hours can be only used in the 2- or 3-months time which counts from the moment you did your first class.

What can I do if my “Gutschein” voucher has expired?

You can still send us the voucher and we can try to validate it. If it doesn’t work we are sorry. You should have used it before the expiration date.


Can I come to more than one course per day?

No. But you can come to one course on that day using your USC app and pay the second course to us. Registration on our website is always required, for both courses.

I am a customer of dancewithgeorge and member of Urban Sports Club. Can I use the offer from USC to get extra classes?

Yes. You are allowed to use 1h of class per day depending on the type of membership you have with USC.


Do I have to register if I come from IFM?

Yes. Everyone has to register on our website so we can plan the pairs.

Do I need to register every time I come to a class?

No. For the following types of payments, you only need to register once correctly with your payment type: 1 or 2 months 1, 2 or 3 courses, IFM, Internations.


Do I have to register if I come from Internations?

Yes. Everyone has to register on our website so we can plan the pairs.


Do I have to register if I come from Gympass?

Yes. Everyone has to register on our website so we can plan the pairs.

Student Discount

How can I get a student discount?

Send us a picture of your student card per e-mail as proof.