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Kizomba Intermediate

Learn to master different techniques, build self confidence, expand your dance vocabulary and present you the tools to enjoy dancing and express yourself on the dance floor with different leaders and followers.

Kizomba is an amazing social dance originated in African countries such Angola, Cape Verde, among other countries, influenced by Semba dance, Compa and Zouk music becoming the new social dance sensation all over the world. Is generally attributed to Angola as the word Kizomba comes from Kimbundu (is the second-most-widely spoken Bantu language in Angola) meaning festival, party,  to party.

Kizomba is also a music genre traced to the late 1970 finding the core in the Angolan culture and music. It is a slow, gentle, romantic rhythm with strong African colors, Zouk and Haitian Compas. Most of the Kizomba music is sung in Portuguese, as Portugal had a big influence in the history and culture of the Angolans, and therefore also in the Kizomba evolution.

Next Courses

The duration of the Kizomba intermediate courses is 3 months. You can start any week after prior registration:

Mo | 20:00 – 21:00

Course Content

What is flow?

Passada & Saida combinations

Lifts and fall figures

Tarraxinha (deeper step sequences in our Tarraxinha course)

Expand your dance vocabulary


Leading and following

Importance of the body connection

Creativity on the dance floor

Body isolation

Further course proposals

  • Become and excellent dancer. Variations in the music, styling and flow are the elements you can easily play with on the dance floor as well

  • Learn the techniques of leading different types of waves, discover the flexibility of your body and start with easy head roles put the learned figures

  • Get to know the essential steps, turns and leading techniques that will open you the world of salsa and raise the awareness about the salsa