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Learn more about total leading and following in musicality. Know all the information and get all the practice necessary. Body isolation perfection. Feel the music. 

The music is based in hard percussion and strong beats and accents, so the dance technique has evolved in this direction.

The leading and following is very elaborate, complex and particular, where the leader has many options of guiding and the follower has many body segments that activate a different movement. We (Packndance.com Methodology) always say is like playing an instrument, as the leader is using this body segments to interpret the music with precise leading and following. But this is very hard to teach and to learn, and for this reason we developed a system based on body isolation and precise leading and following.

Kizomba Tarraxinha is danced mostly on the spot with very smooth movements and slow leading and following. The Urbank Kiz Tarraxinha is different, smooth but also brusc, slow but also fast, using sometimes motions which can only be compared with popping and locking(funk styles, also very related to hip hop). Urban Kiz Tarraxinha is not danced on the spot but the dancers move a lot, combining body leading with hands leading, and having a certain distance between the partners is common, allowing the women to improvise, move freely in the frame, and do styling.

Some say, there is a wrong usage of the terminology. Tarraxinha identifies with Kizomba and the usages of the word tarraxa/o, for the new emerging styles of dancing tarraxinha, are confusing as tarraxa/o words were already in usage before this new styles were even born.

Next Courses

The duration of the Kizomba intermediate courses is 3 months. You can start any week after prior registration:

We | 21:00 – 22:00

Course Content

Tarraxinha evolution: toma, toma, lavar roupa, tarraxa/o, etc.

Technical development

Precise leading and following

Identify tarraxinha in the music

Body waves, hips, shoulders, arms, feet and head as elements

Tarraxinha, Tarraxa/o

Body isolation for leaders and follower

Rich vocabulary of tarraxinha elements

Microtarraxinha (by Packndance.com Methodology)

The 9 back positions (by Packndance.com Methodology)

Further course proposals