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Urban Kiz Advanced

Dance without fear, control over your technique, styling and multitasking is as easy as breathing and the reaction time in the leading and following process is very short: leaders don't think what steps they do but can spontaneously interpret the music with any technical element, followers can react without thinking and all the motions are becoming natural with a flawless execution.

Urban Kiz as dance, is a subtype of Kizomba which was born from the new Kizomba styles of music (Zouk Bass, Ghetto Zouk, etc) that the Producers brought to the market and DJs played at the parties and at festivals.

Urban Kiz is characterized by brusc changes in the rhythm and flow of the dance, lots of syncopation (contratempo), the leading and following process is lineal and the dancers can mix between a straight/elegant posture to a relaxed one, the figures selection require a lot of technique, control of balance and body isolation (especially for tarraxinha and tarraxa/o), and the focus is usually put on total musicality and interpretation of the songs, distance between dancers, turns and spins, and flow contrasts.

Next Courses

There is no duration of the Kizomba Advanced courses. You can start any week after prior registration:

Sa | 16:00 – 17:00
Su | 16:00 – 17:00

Course Content

Perfect balance and posture

Syncopation and musicality for advanced

Precise leading and following with any partner

Tarraxinha, Tarraxa/o

Styling, footwork & body isolation brought to the next level

Manage leading and following contrasts

Rich vocabulary of figures and elements

Lifts & tricks

Spins and turns

Interpretation of the music

Technical development for advanced

Musicality in flow

Leading & following from the back


Further course proposals

  • You will learn to combine different elements to create your own style. Play with the figures and express yourself on the dance floor!

  • Learn complete, correct and specialized baggage of dance skills that will prepare you perfectly for already enjoying social dancing and necessary for joining the intermediate

  • Get to know the essential steps, turns and leading techniques that will open you the world of salsa and raise the awareness about the salsa